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Types Of Business Insurance That Pembroke Business Insurances Offer

September 4, 2018 Robert Burris 0 Comments

From the day you start a business, you expose yourself to various risks. Some of the consequences may be fruitful, while others may be so bad that your company may cease to exist. That is not such a pretty picture that you would expect. To avoid such situations, it is important to get a business insurance that would protect your company from the various dangers that it may face in the days to come. You may have heard about car insurance or home insurance or even personal injury insurance. Business insurance is quite the same as other insurance policies. Their job is to cover the damage done to your business.

Running a business without any risk is almost impossible. There are a variety of risks involved in the day to day business activities. That is why getting a comprehensive insurance from Pembroke Business Insurances can be crucial. But which insurance would be most suitable for your business? There are various types of business insurance that are available. Let’s understand what some of these insurances will cover.

Product liability insurance 

Probably the most important of all the types of business insurance policies is the product liability insurance. If you are selling any product, this insurance is a must-have. Suppose you are selling a skincare cream that you claim works on all skin types and will make the customer’s skin soft and supple. However, after using the cream a customer notices that he/she has developed blisters on the skin. He/she can decide to sue your company and a lawsuit will be filed against your company for selling unsafe products.

Once you get product liability insurance, you will be able to protect your business from such lawsuits. The coverage will be tailor-made so that you know exactly which product to play safe with and which product can bounce back on you.

Workers compensation insurance 

When you have employees working for your company, you should always have workers compensation insurance added to your business insurance policy. Pembroke Business Insurances offer death benefits, disability benefits and medical treatment facilities for employees working for a company. If an employee gets injured while lifting a machine of your company, it is your responsibility to pay the medical bills on behalf of the employee. Any injury or accident or death that takes place within the office premises must be covered by the workers’ compensation insurance. It keeps you and your business in a safer position against accusations from the employees.

Professional liability insurance 

Another importance type of business insurance is the one that covers for professional liability. This insurance policy covers against all negligence claims that have caused significant damage to your company because of performance failures or wrong business decisions. This insurance can be customized according to the industry you belong to. You can opt for an all-in-one professional liability insurance that will cover for any mistake or business activity that has resulted in a huge failure. You will be able to recover a sufficient amount of money back that you rather would have had to consider as a loss.

Property Insurance 

This insurance policy is almost the same as a house insurance policy. It will protect your office or place of work from robbery, natural calamities, fire, and other cases of mass destruction. Property insurance is extremely important if you want the office area to be safe and free from vandalism. Even if it is not vandalized, you never know when an earthquake takes place. You should consult with the experts at Pembroke Business Insurances to find out what kind of property insurance would be suitable for your business.

Why opt for a business insurance policy? 

So, you have had a good start to your entrepreneurship career and every decision you have taken so far has been correct. You have never seemed to put a wrong step forward and the returns have been very positive. The customer base has grown and everyone has applauded the efforts of the company and praised the way it has been going so far. Does that mean your business is free from any kind of risk? Or, are you so confident that every decision you take in the future will be successful enough?

Not having a business insurance policy would be a huge mistake. Even if your business has had no complaints so far, it does not mean it will be risk-free for the years to come. You also don’t have any control over nature. Earthquakes or floods don’t come invited. If there is a fire due to short circuit, how will your office survive? It is during these times you will understand how important business insurance is. It keeps your business running and avoids the possible risks of shutting down. Following are some of the reasons that would explain why you need business insurance:

  • In this litigious society, any business is vulnerable to lawsuits from customers. Regardless of the fact that the lawsuit is a non-sensible one and you would win hands down but you would have to fight the case and then win. If the news becomes viral, it can damage your company reputation and goodwill to a certain extent. All these can be taken care of if you opt for the services of Pembroke Business Insurances.
  • Protecting the most valuable assets of your company is crucial to keep the business up and running. No, it is not the capital or the money invested; it is your employees who should be considered as the most valuable assets. When they are working hard to make your business successful, you should take every step to ensure their safety and security. This can be done when there is proper workers compensation insurance added to the existing business insurance.

No one ever said that running a business would be easy. However, you should learn from your experiences. To cover the cost of those experiences, it would be wise to get an insurance coverage for your business and enjoy a successful entrepreneurship career.