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A Guide On How To Buy Auctioned Wedding Rings For Your Wedding Day

August 17, 2018 Robert Burris 0 Comments

Are you getting hitched this winter? Have you made all the preparations and waiting to find the perfect ring that would dazzle her and the others present? If you really want to surprise everyone with the ring, it would be best to buy auctioned wedding rings. Not many people are aware of this fact but you can get some damn good rings at pocket-friendly prices. From gold to platinum to diamonds, you will get a wide variety of rings and they are all cult classics. Most people think that auction houses are only for old furniture or relics that have historical importance. That is not quite the case.

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, you need to spend some time and give it a thought as to which ring would be suitable for her. You have to be sure of her ring size, which metal she likes, and so on. A vintage ring can definitely be that X-factor that makes your wedding ring special. Old rings had a high quality of workmanship and the classic designs were simply impeccable. You look at them and think how gorgeous they are and if only you could gift such a ring to your loved one. Well, now you can! You can buy auctioned wedding rings that have got a historical importance and their designs are also unmatched.

Previously, diamonds or any other gem did not go through the process of computerized precision. Everything was done manually and this brought the craftsmanship into action. You can imagine the amount of time and hard work that might have gone into making the ring. So, when you give such a ring on the engagement day, the history of that ring continues. Before knowing the ways to buy a vintage ring, it is better to know where you will get them and how their price is calculated.

Brief Idea On Where To Get Vintage Rings 

If you have decided to buy one of the classiest rings for the engagement day, then you have to buy auctioned wedding rings. These vintage pieces are available at auctions and they are, without doubt, the best rings you will ever find at that price. The value of these rings is reserved for their one-third retail price. So, if the ring had originally been priced at $300 would now have a base price of $100. That is the amount from where the auction would start. You can compete with others to own the ring and once the price is decided and confirmed by the auctioneer, you can complete the payment and be the proud owner of that ring.

Buying wedding rings from auctions can actually be very cost effective. Diamonds, gold, and platinum have seen an enormous rise in the price in the last few years. Compared to that, if you buy auctioned wedding rings, they will come at a much pocket-friendly price. Since the base price is normally a third of the price at an earlier time, the chances of getting a good deal are imminent.

Visit The Auction and Ask Around 

It is always important to visit a few auction houses in order to check on the variety of wedding rings that are up for auction. Consider it like visiting different stores to buy a similar ring. You can examine the rings first hand. It would be best to have a list of questions prepared that you would ask about the ring. Questions like the history of the ring, the material used to make the ring, the gem used and if the ring is verified or not. You can trust the auctioneer on this one or take a gemologist with you if you want to be double sure. However, you need to be extra careful while checking the ring because there might be broken prongs or missing stones. Since auctioned rings are sold as they are seen, you have to check everything before placing your bid.

Understanding the auction 

There are many who have never been to an auction before and you might get confused as to when the process would start and when your item will be up for auction. That is why it is always better to ask the number of lots that normally come up every hour. Once you get a proper time frame, you can arrive at the auction before your lot starts. This will save a lot of time as many people sit through the entire day waiting for their turn.

Always have a figure in mind that you wouldn’t want to cross. Once you know the base price of the ring, it will be easier for you to have a number in mind. Also, keep in mind that the hammer will not include the commission and VAT. So, you would have to keep a figure that would be separate from these two. You can also have an understanding of how much price the ring can be with the starting bids. If you think it will cross your budget, you can always leave the auction. Or, you can place the maximum bid that you can offer and leave. If no one else comes close to that amount, then you will be called and the ring will be handed over to you.

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Buying wedding rings from an auction is so much better than buying one from a store. It shows that you care for precious items and the fact that you will be gifting one to your partner will be even more special. Apart from the low price at which they are available, you will be amazed to see their polish and cut. You can be assured of the quality because there are many in-house experts at the auction house who can explain in detail what historical important the ring beholds and why it is such a magnificent piece to own.

So, without wasting any more time, head over to the nearest auction house and choose from a wide range of wedding rings. Who knows, you can get the prettiest ring that will make everyone stare in awe!